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Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Paul & Tom in rehearsal
Paul & Tom in rehearsal

With just over 2 weeks to go before ‘I Left My Heart n Roker Park’ opens, Tom Kelly and I are now deep into rehearsals. The show is starting to take shape, and we’re both looking forward to, and excited about, it opening.

And the great news is that it’s proving incredibly popular.  The demand for tickets is something that neither Tom or I ever expected, but with more nights being completely sold out Durham Gala have asked us to add another date to our performances there.

So currently, the run consists of 9 performances in total:

Customs House, South Shields: 19th (2 shows), 20th, 21st
Durham Gala  23rd
Arts Centre Washington  25th
Durham Gala (again)  26th, 27th, 28th

And it may not end there, because this morning we spent some time with Jeff Brown and the Look North team, who came out to interview Tom and I, and film a piece on the show.  Jeff himself is a big Sunderland supporter, so he was very interested in the show.  We filmed a couple of interviews, and I performed a piece from the script for the camera.  We expect it to air some time in the next week.

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