Updated website… with apologies to my subscribers!

If you follow my website, you’ll have received close to three dozen emails from me today. I apologise sincerely, and hopefully that will be the last of the storm!

The reason for the flurry is I have spent most of today updating the site. The majority of this has been to add my ‘back catalogue’ of theatre reviews (going back as far as 2010) to the Reviews page. This, of course, resulted in a new email notification for each review I added. Once again, I’m sorry!

Another addition, though, was a new Short Stories page. I’ve posted a very old story on there called ‘Alfie’, which I wrote in 2008, and was originally posted on the ABC Tales website. I’ll be adding more short stories to my site whenever I get the chance.

There’s much more to come here on these pages over the next couple of months, as the site continues to receive a complete overhaul in preparation for 2019 and the exciting projects I have lined up. More news on those when I can release it.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything – I’ll send you an email!

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