Romeo and Juliet

This script was adapted for the 2016 Cranked Anvil Shakespeare Season.

Running time is approx 1hr 30 mins.

Brought right up-to-date and set very much in the present day. It re-imagined the Montagues and Capulets as two warring families in the North-East, srawing on the famous Sunderland/Newcastle rivalry.

This contemporary setting can be re-placed in other regions of the country, and is a perfect version for both amateur companies and youth theatres/drama groups. Dialogue is pared right down to the very basics, making it sound modern whilst still telling the perfect story of these star-crossed lovers.

The original production won the Best Shakespeare Production in 2016 from the North East Theatre Guide Awards. It also received local BBC radio and TV coverage.

This edited and updated script is available. Please contact me to request info.