The Occasional Adventures of Bartington and Dunford

Flexible casting.
Approx running time: 1hr.

This script has a character list of 12M, 4F. (See below for details.) Many characters appear briefly, which means doubling can take place to allow a small cast of actors to perform.

Bartington and Dunford are two well-meaning but dim-witted Victorian gentlemen about town. As 1899 becomes 1900 they are celebrating at a party in their apartment building, thrown by an American business tycoon. Bartington is planning to declare his love for the tycoon’s daughter, the beautiful Miss Emily Pumpernickel, but is beaten to the announcement by snivelling villain Mr Poinsettia. It appears a duel is the only way to resolve the matter, until… Miss Emily is kidnapped and a ransom note left.

It becomes a race against time as Bartington – with the help of his friend Dunford and Dunford’s personal valet – attempts to be the first to find Miss Emily, prove his worth to her father, and bring the kidnapper to justice. All while quaffing strawberry daiquiris and trading Victorian quips.

A very silly cosy crime story – with a huge hint of Jeeves and Wooster about it – this funny, tongue-in-cheek script, which unashamedly breaks the fourth wall, will not fail to have your audience in stitches!

Bartington & Dunford was originally written as a radio script, and was listed and commended in the BBC Writersroom Comedy window. Therefore it’s performance style is also flexible. It can be presented as a ‘radio comedy recording’, with a group of actors on stage with the script and a row of microphones. Alternatively, a ‘full set’ version is available, complete with suggestions/reccomendations on scenery and staging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details or to discuss your production.

LIST OF CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)
Bartington – a dim-witted Victorian gent
Dunford – his best friend, also a dim-witted Victorian gent
Queen Victoria
Sir Ronald Fairfax
Lord Chamberlain
Aunt Agatha – Bartington’s no-nonsense and terrifying battle-axe aunt
Greyson – Dunford’s personal valet. The only brains of the outfit
Miss Emily Pumpernickel – a young American heiress
Mr Poinsettia – a squirming, snivelling villain
Larry Pumpernickel III – a big-shot American business tycoon
Vladimir Illich Ulyanov – a guest at the party
Barman – works in the building’s cocktail lounge
Man – party guest
Female – party guest
Mr Knife – an Irish Leprechaun. Also Mr Poinsettia’s attourney

SETTING: Victorian London
TIME: 1899, into 1900