Schools or drama/youth groups

Joey Cotter and the Lost Mineral

‘Joey Cotter and the Lost Mineral’ is a self-contained musical production for schools and youth theatre groups.  It is fully self-contained, with all materials ready to go (backing tracks, rehearsal tracks, sheet music, script, etc).

A fantasy adventure story in which a quiet, sleepy village is suddenly overthrown and occupied by an evil scientist with plans to obtain super powers and take over the world.  A group of young friends undertake a perilous journey in order to find the one man who can defeat this scientist and save their village – and the world – from destruction.

The emphasis is very much on the comedy and fun of the piece, and there is scope for the teachers producing the show to ‘take liberties’ with the script and the setting, depending on the resources available.

The play is written with a main cast of 9 male and 7 female characters, plus a whole host of various chorus parts. Roles can be ‘doubled’, so that the availability of main speaking parts can be significantly widened.