TV’s Nick Cochrane walks the Cinder Path

Pre-production for my play, The Cinder Path, is now well under way, with rehearsals starting in just over a week.

The full cast has now been announced. As well as yours truly taking a few small roles, the production boasts appearances from a wide array of top North East talent; actors include Vanessa Karon, Leah Bell, James De Lauch Hay, Bethan Amber, Glen Townsend, Alex Seymour and Maria May Thompson.

And, of course, we’re delighted that TV Coronation Street actor Nick Cochrane has joined the cast, playing scheming villain Ginger Slater. Here’s our producer/director Leah Bell catching up with him recently:
(the sound may mute when you start to play it, so check at the bottom of the video that sound is turned up!)

Tickets are already booking fast, so if you’re in the North-East make sure you don’t miss out. You can find links to all the theatres we’re visiting during May and June on the facebook page.

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