Cranked Anvil Press

I founded Cranked Anvil in 2012.

When it first started it was a theatre production company, and produced many shows in and around the North-East of England. We very quickly became multi award-winning.

As time went on, more and more of our focus went on to our Rehearsed Reading Nights, which gave writers a chance to have new writing/works in progress/finished pieces a professional performance in front of a live audience, and then receive immediate, constructive feedback.

These rehearsed reading nights grew in popularity and it was this, coupled with my own desire to focus more on writing and literary endeavours, which has matured the organisation into what it is now – focussing on writing competitions, small print anthology runs, and providing a resource and platform for writers.

Cranked Anvil still, as it always did, operates as a small-scale, non-profit-making organisation. Our main mission is to get great writing out there and shout about great writers.