The Butcher’s Bill

11 – 23 June 2018
Westoe R.C. | Customs House | Washington Arts Centre | Alphabetti Theatre | The Exchange North Shields

This “poetic, well written” piece [British Theatre Guide] by Ken Reay toured venues in the North East and astounded and moved its audiences.

A drama, set in No Man’s Land during World War1, the Butcher’s Bill explores the world of three unlikely companions, thrown together by circumstances and fate.

Using simple scenery, props and equipment this moving story of fate, survival and distrust unfolds. The rights and wrongs of the politics of war are secondary to the terror of captivity. Bravery and patriotism both real and perceived weave threads through the story; eventually the truth comes out with the help of war poetry and honesty leading to understanding and sympathy but the brutality of war continues.

Audience and press feedback

Although it was a difficult piece to work on, physically and mentally very demanding, it was well worth the effort to bring Ken Reay’s characters to life, and to hear the audience and press reaction, some of which you can see in the image above. The company worked very hard, and very well, together, and we produced a memorable and much talked about piece of theatre.

Uncle Paul Dunn
Boy Steven Arran

Toff Lawrence Neale
Directed by Jamie Brown

Below is the original promo video which we shot in 2017. The part of Boy is played here by Charlie Richmond.