My Uncle Freddie

17 – 21 July 2018
The Customs House, South Shields

I played Our Dad – plus many other multi-roles – in The Customs House’s world premiere stage production of My Uncle Freddie. Set in 1930s Jarrow it follows the adventures of 10 year old Lecky and his family including his imaginative Uncle Freddie. Written by acclaimed writer and Customs House Academy Fellow Alex Ferguson, the play celebrates the human spirit, humour and community of the North East.

Our Dad  Paul Dunn

Our Mam  Georgia Hornsby
Lecky  Andrew Finnegan
Uncle Freddie  Charlie Richmond
Aunt Bella  Jill Dellow
other parts played by members of the company
Directed by Gareth Hunter

Lecky struggles to engage with his crippled and distant father, played with fine nuance by Paul Dunn. Dunn’s ‘revolving door’ of characters also includes a Russian revolutionary, whose appeal for idealism from the top of a beer crate, while the strains of Jerusalem play in the background, is a genuine ‘Oh, something suddenly in my eye’ moment.
Sunderland Echo