Writing sketch comedy for the BBC

Most of my writing recently has been for the BBC.

I’ve been working on a new weekly sketch comedy show, called Grin Up North, which goes out on BBC Radios Newcastle and Tees, hosted by the brilliant stand-up comedian Steffen Peddie.

The show has a small team of writers and performers – I do both – who meet regularly at the BBC studios to put the shows together. It’s a fast-paced – sometimes stressful – process, but exhilarating too, and there’s nothing like bringing your own (and other people’s) words to life in a radio studio.

Even more exhilarating than that, though, is performing live in front of an audience, which is what we did last night, at the Customs House theatre, in front of a capacity audience.

Sandwiched between superb stand-up sets from Steffen, Jason Cook, Leon Brown, Louise Young, David Callaghan and many others, the Grin Up North team performed some of our best sketches and had the audience rolling in the aisles!

TV and radio presenter Gilly Hope tweeted after the show: “A hoot of a night well done to the lot ov ya … bravo.” And BBC Newcastle producer Doug Morris tweeted: “Seriously funny. Well done to everyone.”

my script

It’s the first of many to come, with another live show planned for November. You can follow my twitter for news of that when it comes. Tickets for last night’s show were free, and they were snapped up straight away, so you’ll need to move quickly once they’re available!

And of course you can listen to the shows on the BBC iplayer – search for Grin Up North on BBC Newcastle or Tees.

In the meantime, I’d better get on with my next project. This short story with a deadline in three days won’t write itself, will it?!

the GUN cast backstage


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