Writing for the BBC at Xmas – and featuring in the Radio Times!

A couple of months ago, you might remember, I reported that a lot of my writing this year has been for BBC Radio Newcastle’s sketch comedy show Grin Up North. In the same article (which you can read here) I mentioned that I also performed in the show, and that we’d recorded a whole episode in front of a live audience at the Customs House theatre in South Shields.

The show was recorded as a Christmas Special, and I’m pleased to announce that it’s due to air a few times over the coming festive period. If you live in the North-East you’ll be able to hear it on BBC Radios Newcastle and Tees. In other parts of the country, it’ll be available on the iplayer. Here are the times it broadcasts:

Christmas Eve:  6-7pm
Boxing Day:  6-7pm
New Year’s Eve:  5-6pm

Not only does it feature a whole bunch of sketches written and performed by the Grin Up North team (including myself, Vanessa Karon, Kelly Rickard, Bob Stott, Stephen Sullivan and Craig Richardson), it also features excellent stand up sets from comedians including Jason Cook (fresh from his success writing the recent Christmas special for Gold TV, Death on the Tyne, starring Jonny Vegas, Sian Gibson, and a whole host of big name comedy actors), Steffen Peddie, Louise Young, Fran Garrity, and David Callaghan.

For me personally, it’s a bit of a thrill to see a BBC programme that I’ve contributed to as a writer listed in the special Christmas double-edition of the Radio Times (however small the listing may be!) and a great way to end 2018…

…but there’s more exciting news to come soon, with a big announcement for 2019 just on the horizon. I’ll be letting you know about it once I’ve finished off the home-made damson brandy and the massive pile of turkey sandwiches.

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