Customs House, South Shields

“Knockabouts Bashit (Paul Dunn) and Wreckit (Will Graham) were on hand to supply lots of chaos and laughter, and had the audience chuckling away.”
Shields Gazette
“Paul Dunn (Bashit) and Will Graham (Wreckit) ably provide the kind of knockabout comedy usually given to the Broker’s Men—and, in fact, their characters are a development of that traditional duo.”
British Theatre Guide
“Perfectly balanced by yet another comedy duo of Paul Dunn and Will Graham as Bashit and Wreckit.”
The Journal

Natasha Magee  Cinderella 
Stephen Lee Hamilton  Prince Charming 

Jamie Birkett  The Baroness 
Craig Richardson & Stephen Sullivan  Ugly Sisters 
Paul Dunn  Bashit 
Will Graham  Wreckit 
Luke Maddison  Buttons 
Charlie Younger  Dandini 
Louise Elliot  Fairy Dust

Written by Ray Spencer and Graeme Thompson
Directed by Ray Spencer

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