Dracula: Die Laughing

29th: Collingwood College, Durham
30th: Magnesia Bank, North Shields
31st – 2 Nov: The Isis pub, Sunderland

APRIL 2014
23rd & 24th: Pier Pavilion, South Shields
26th & 27th: Whitby Coliseum Theatre – part of the Whitby Goth Festival

This brand new comedy play ran for a few dates in 2013/14.  Written by Ed Waugh, it called itself “a play that goes for the comedy jugular”.  I played Dracula, with three other actors playing many other different roles, ranging from haggard old witches to Batman and Robin.  (It’s ‘Dracula’ like you’ve never seen it before!)

“Paul Dunn deserves huge recognition for his ability to improvise and engross an audience.  A truly professional Dracula, [he] can turn a potential problem such as prop fangs dislodging into a visual gag. This was a moment of brilliance which sums up this entire production: one of creativity and professionalism.”
Adam Hughes, Palatinate Online

Lauren Waine as Robin, PD as Dracula, Craig Richardson as Batman

Paul Dunn as Dracula
Craig Richardson
Lauren Waine

Directed by Gareth Hunter